Bill 70: A Blight on Québec’s Human Rights Reputation


Bill 70: A Blight on Québec’s Human Rights Reputation

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26 juillet 2017


It’s not his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or the holiday season, but this July and August , Minister François Blais, Ministre de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale du Québec, will have a mailbox full of cards.

For each day of the 60 day consultation process on Bill 70, Minister Blais will receive 60 packages containing 404 cards to remind him that it is impossible to live on a welfare benefit of $404 per month.
What is Bill 70?

In November 2016, the National Assembly in Québec passed Bill 70 into law. This piece of legislation, introduced by Labour Minister Sam Hamad, had the stated intention of allowing a better match between training and jobs and to facilitate labour market entry, also known as program Objectif Emploi. The Bill requires people on social assistance to enlist in programs to find a job or get more training.

Incredibly, non-compliance with the measures in this program greatly reduces the social assistance payment from $623 to $404 a month. It would also not allow those on assistance to refuse a “suitable” job if it is offered to them. According to Minister Hamad this program will save the government 50 million dollars.

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